Pamela Peters

Pamela Peters
  • Ph.D. Student

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Pamela Peters is a doctoral student in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in mass communication from Pittsburg State University. Prior to attending KU, Pamela was a professor in the Mass Communication department at Lane College, as well as the director of the institution's social media, television and digital media programs. Her research interests are the digital divide, digital media, diversity, media literacy and higher education.

Selected Publications

AEJMC: Crawford, J., Erba, J., Monroe-Gulick, A., Peters, P. (2021, August 4-7) Journalism and mass communications resources and open access perceptions at Historically Black Colleges and Universities [Paper presentation].

AEJMC 2021: Turning the Page, virtual. NCA 2021: National Communication Association Peters, P., (2021, November 18) Bridging social capital during COVID-19: Small HBCUs use of Facebook and stakeholder engagement [Paper presentation]. NCA: Renewal & Transformation.