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Pandemic Oral History Project

Associate Professor Teri Finneman's journalism history class interviewed more than two dozen School of Journalism faculty members and students to show how our community is handling the 2020 pandemic. Each oral history captures a glimpse of how each person found out about KU moving all classes online in the spring and how they are coping with the new normal of COVID-19 life. Each link includes a transcript and audio.

Darcey Altschwager: "A learning experience for everyone"

Shola Aromona: "Trust science, trust the process"

Nicole Asbury: "I think we're in this for a whole year"

Gus Baylow: "We can push through this pandemic"

Aseret Bertram: "A lot of different emotions going on"

Ann Brill: "We're a bunch of can-do people"

Faith Burling: "You find your support system"

Ever Figueroa: "My students have been wonderful"

Chris Fortune: "A day-by-day thing"

Emma Frieze: "Will I be able to go to college in the fall?"

Mugur Geana: "Behaviors have become more polarized"

Melissa Greene-Blye: "We can survive 6 to 8 hours in a mask"

Kirita James: "I miss the kids"

Rob Karwath: "We may have published our last print edition"

Bella Koscal: "The biggest challenge is motivation"

Heather Lawrenz: "We really watch out for each other"

Pan "Jackie" Liu: "You're jumping from fire to a hot pan"

Frances Lyons: "We're still kind of learning as we go"

Chuck Marsh: "I miss the students"

Mazzy Martinez: "I get frustrated seeing the parties"

Keely McCormick: "This is the real deal. This is terrifying"

Lisa McLendon: "Is KU going to move online?"

Corey Minkoff: "There's nothing in person anymore"

Maxine Nwachukwu: "I feel kind of just exhausted all the time"

Connor Roberts: "We really can't do anything besides wait"

Janet Rose: "An opportunity to think and learn"

Steve Rottinghaus: "It will get better"

Fatemeh Shayesteh: "Maybe the world is gonna end"

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