Master of Journalism - Integrated Marketing Communications

Program Overview

The University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a professional graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communications that leads to a Master of Science degree. 

This degree trains professional communicators to find solutions for business problems from a managerial perspective. 

The Integrated Marketing Communications course of study emphasizes the integration of marketing communications specialties, including research, marketing ethics, writing, creativity, innovation, branding, digital marketing and leadership. The curriculum is an advanced series of courses offered to students who show an aptitude for strategic thinking and a commitment to marketing communications or other media-related fields. It is designed for part-time, evening study to accommodate working adults. 

Classes are offered at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, Kansas, and are taught by reputed faculty who are experts in their fields, as well as instructors from the business community. Practical knowledge and theoretical wisdom combine for a rich learning experience and training in integrated marketing communications strategies.   

Integrated marketing communications students find they can apply what they’ve learned in the classroom almost immediately in their workplace.

Core Course Requirements (12)

JMC 820: Marketing Fundamentals for Communicators or JMC 840: Marketing Fundamentals II (3)

JMC 828: Financial Fundamentals for Communicators or JMC 840: Financial Fundamentals II (3)

JMC 829: Marketing Communications Research (3)

JMC 850: Capstone Course in Marketing Communications (3)

Professional Course Requirements (18)

Students must complete 18 hours of professional courses of their choice in the following areas

JMC 819: Writing for Marketing Communications (3)

JMC 823: Branding in Marketing Communications (3)

JMC 824: Creative Process (3)

JMC 825: Relationship Marketing (3)

JMC 826: Innovation in the Management of Marketing Communications (3)

JMC 827: Marketing Ethics (3)

JMC 831: Digital Marketing (3)

JMC 832: Leadership and Management in Marketing Communications (3)

JMC 834: International and Multi-cultural Marketing Communications (3)


JMC 840: Seminar in:_____ (3)

IMC Requirements

Graduate Degree Requirements: All journalism master’s candidates must complete a minimum of 30 graduate credit hours in Integrated Marketing Communications (MarComm) with at least a B (3.0) average. In addition, students must complete all Core Course requirements and 18 hours in the professional course requirements.

Foundation Core Courses (12 hours)

Core Course Requirements

Of the courses JMC 820: Marketing Fundamentals for Communicator, JMC 828: Financial Fundamentals for Communicators and JMC 840: Financial Fundamentals II, TWO of the three courses must be taken. JMC 829: Marketing Communications Research and JMC 850: Capstone Course in Marketing Communications are MANDATORY for all IMC students.

Professional Courses (18 hours)

Enrollment in elective courses outside the school: Up to 6 credit hours of coursework may be completed outside the School of Journalism, with the pre-approval of the graduate director or graduate committee. Students who wish to take a course or courses outside the school must have permission from both the instructor of the course and from the School of Journalism. The student should submit a written proposal and a course syllabus to the graduate director and should indicate how the course contributes to their master’s program.

Students must complete 18 hours of professional courses of their choice in the following areas:




Previously offered seminar topics have included:

  • Communicating Sustainability Initiatives
  • Crisis Communications
  • Innovations in Media
  • Managing Visual Design
  • Marketing Communications for Healthcare Organizations
  • Marketing Communications for Non-profit Organizations
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Sports Marketing, Sales and Promotions


Enrollment requirements after completing course requirements: A student must enroll for at least 1 hour of credit in the semester in which they graduate.