Faculty and graduate students present at AEJMC conference

Faculty and graduate students from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications are presenting their research studies and creative projects Aug. 3-6 at the 105th annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in Detroit. Their projects cover topics including data literacy, green advertising on social media, web analytics in newsrooms, COVID-19 and women transitioning from incarceration, localizing social justice stories, and press portrayals of Native women in politics. Additionally, the school’s researchers are serving as moderators or discussants at the conference sessions. Below is the list of paper and panel presentations and involvement by the school’s faculty and graduate students.

Wednesday, Aug. 3

Peter Bobkowski, moderating/presiding: Data Literacy for All Majors: Teaching and Assessment Approaches

Chris Etheridge, panelist:Data Literacy for All Majors: Teaching and Assessment Approaches

Teri Finneman, panelist: “Like Cracks in the Sidewalk”: Local News Innovation in Detroit and Beyond

Thursday, Aug. 4

Nhung Nguyen, Annalise Baines, Hechen Ding, Ayman Alhammad, Hong Vu,paper presentation:Country Image Restoration During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Media Communication Strategies Used by Chinese Embassies in 11 Countries

Genelle Belmas, panelist: Designing and Teaching the Combined Law and Ethics Course

Hyunjin Seo, panelist: VR/AR/MR Research in Communication: Challenges and Opportunities

Nguyet Nguyen, paper presentation: The Gap Between What They Say and What They Do: Journalists’ Role Conception and Role Performance in Socialist-Communist Context

Teri Finneman, panelist: The State of Diversity in Journalism History

Genelle Belmas, moderating/presiding: Teaching, Measuring and Employing Information and Data Literacy

Peter Bobkowski, Chris Etheridge, paper presentation: Beyond Data Journalism: Data Project Lifecycle for Journalism and Strategic Communication Students

Ever Josue Figueroa, moderating/presiding: Unlearning Neoliberalism: New Horizons for Academic Work Culture

Vaibhav Diwanji, paper presentation: From Green Advertising to Greenwashing: Content Analysis of Global Corporations’ Green Advertising on Social Media

Teri Finneman, panelist: Appealing to News Audiences or News Funders? An Empirical Analysis of the Solutions Journalism Network’s Revenue Project

Friday Aug. 5

Genelle Belmas, Harrison Rosenthal, panelist: Investigative vs. Mandatory Reporting: How Universities Weaponize Title IX Against Journalists (And How to Fight It)

Nhung Nguyen, paper presentation: Mine or Yours? Using Corpus Linguistics to Analyze Big Oil Companies’ Twitter Discourse

Manzur Maswood, paper presentation: How the Use of Web Analytics Changes Newsroom Environments in Bangladesh

Jeff Conlin, paper presentation: Kids and Cookies: Has YouTube Kidfluencer Content Changed as a Result of FTC Policy Enforcement?

Annalise Baines, Hyunjin Seo, Darcey Altschwager, Matt Blomberg, paper presentation: COVID-19 Pandemic and Women Transitioning from Incarceration: A Study of Online Health Information Seeking among Underserved and Marginalized Women

Stephen Wolgast, panelist: The Pros and Cons of Bias in Newsgathering and Media Content Creation

Chris Etheridge, paper presentation; Localizing Social Justice Stories: Social Media and Local Civic Information Infrastructure in Six Midwestern United States Communities

Vaibhav Diwanji, paper presentation: Compliance Toward Risk Prevention Messages Delivered via Infographic During COVID-19

Vaibhav Diwanji, paper presentation: Feeding the Itsy Bitsy (Search) Spider: Attribution Optimization through Search Engine Results

Genelle Belmas, discussant: From Irrational Speakers to Hexes and Online Incivility—and Drones! Novel Questions and New Technologies

Chris Etheridge, discussant: Is Readability a Heuristic? Assessing Readability Effects on Credibility Judgments in News

Melissa Greene-Blye, Teri Finneman, paper presentation: The Influence of Indigenous Standpoint: Examining Indian Country Press Portrayals of Native Women in Politics

Saturday, Aug. 6

Hyunjin Seo, moderating/presiding: Communication Technology Division-Refereed Paper Session-Top Student Paper Competition

Hyunjin Seo, Jeff Conlin, Vaibhav Diwanji, Annalise Baines, Darcey Altschwager, Matt Blomberg, Ursula Kamanga, Mujammad Ittefaq, Jun Pei, paper presentation: Visuals for Public Health Campaigns: Effects of Visual Modality and Frame in Increasing Vaccination Intentions