Faculty Allocation of Effort Policy

General Teaching Load Policy

Allocation of effort for tenured and tenure-track faculty members within the school begins with the university standard of 40-40-20, which suggests 40 percent effort in teaching, 40 percent in research and 20 percent in service.

Adjustments are made either to meet the needs of the school or as a reflection of the research, teaching and service assignments of the faculty member. Allocations that vary from the two- course load per semester will be made in consultation with the faculty member and the dean (or her designee). Faculty can use research funds to release a portion of their teaching activity and balance their overall work commitments. The school uses the formula for course “buy-out” at the rate of approximately one month of annual salary plus fringe benefits per class. That cost must be built into the grant proposal for reallocation of teaching effort. Faculty members seeking to reduce teaching under this option must have the prior approval of the dean and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Budgets must be approved by the dean before teaching reassignment will be made.

Course assignments are made in addition to directed readings, independent studies, advising or direction of or participation in master’s theses or doctoral dissertations.