Employee Leave Policy

Calling in Sick

When calling in sick, contact your supervisor first. If you are not able to get in touch with your supervisor, either by speaking with him or her by phone or by receiving a response from them via email or text, leave a message and get in touch with the Dean’s office. It is YOUR responsibility to reach someone in person as soon as possible if you are not able to make contact with your supervisor. It is also the responsibility of either you or your supervisor to inform the Dean’s Office of the absence the day of the absence.


Two weeks’ written notice is required when requesting vacation leave. When your vacation is approved, add your vacation leave information to the shared Outlook calendar.

Work Hours

It is imperative that you report to work at your assigned time. The school depends on you being here on time at the start of each day. All variations from your work schedule must be approved by your supervisor in advance.

As per KU policy, non-compliance of these rules can result in disciplinary action by your supervisor.

Revised 3/24/14