Benton Coolidge

Benton Coolidge is a sophomore majoring in journalism. He is from Newmarket, Ontario, and has been a part of the Playmakers show produced by Media Crossroads during his time at KU.

I wasn’t a big writer growing up. I wasn’t a part of my high school newspaper and quite frankly didn’t enjoy writing. That was what I kept telling myself until one day I realized it was just the standard essays they tell you to write that I couldn’t stand. I was always intrigued by sports articles, and that was the only thing I really wanted to do so when I realized that the J-School was an option, I just went for it and didn’t look back.

I am a pretty simple person, so I always spent most of my time on campus with my headphones in listening to music while exploring. The campus, which is a gorgeous campus, provides new things to see on a regular basis so it was always a sold option to just see what was going on everywhere.

I think people should be aware of how competitive the J-School is. Everyone in it has their ideal paths that they hope to take and with a limited number of job openings, it’s all about getting experience to gain the edge.

I think that my biggest success was when I was pushed and tried out play-by-play announcing for the KU hockey team when they had their annual Border Showdown against Mizzou. I didn’t have the most confidence as I had never tried it before, but Professor Butcher believed in me and it ended up being one of the most fun things I have ever done.

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