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Founding partners of The Agency

Founding partners of The Agency, KU's student-run advertising and branding organization, attended a ribbon-cutting for The Agency during J-School Generations Oct. 29-31, 2015.

Our connection with our graduates is special

Alumni often tell us they look back on their years in the School of Journalism with gratitude for the skills, knowledge and resulting confidence that their education instilled in them. There are many ways that our donors support the school: They speak in classes, mentor students, provide internships, participate as a class client or make a donation.

Please consider supporting the J-School through any number of giving opportunities that will continue to give our students the skills they need to find a career, grow and be a successful part of the Jayhawk network. Here's how you can help:


Marlys Shulda
Associate Development Director
KU Endowment Association
1891 Constant Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66047