School of Journalism and Mass Communications Retroactive Withdrawal Petition

The retroactive withdrawal petition (pdf) is designed for students who experienced extreme and uncontrollable circumstances following the last day to withdraw from a course during a given term.

You are not a candidate for retroactive withdrawal if any of the following are true:

  • You are applying because you are not satisfied with the grade you earned.
  • You are applying because you forgot to withdraw from the course during the term.
  • You were not aware of the withdrawal deadlines.
  • You changed your mind and are now working toward a major or degree that does not require this course.
  • You assumed non-academic activities that restricted your time for academic pursuit.
  • You were ill or you suffered stress as the result of an accident, death, family crisis, or other crisis early enough in the semester to have withdrawn during the semester.

You are a candidate for retroactive withdrawal if at least one of the following are true:

  • There was a documented administrative error that affected your enrollment in one or more courses.
  • You have documentation of a serious illness that affected your ability to complete all of your coursework after the withdrawal date.
  • You encountered documented extreme and unusual circumstances which a) were beyond your control, b) occurred after the withdrawal date, and c) could not have been addressed during the term in which the course(s) was taken.
  • You received absolutely no feedback on your performance in the course prior to the last day to withdraw from the course.

School of Journalism and Mass Communications Grade Appeal Guidelines

Valid reasons to consider a grade appeal:

  • You believe there was an administrative error (a math error, for example) leading to an incorrect grade assigned to you.
  • You believe you were graded differently than other students in the same class.
  • You believe your grade was not assigned in accordance with policies outlined in the course syllabus.

Invalid reasons to consider a grade appeal:

  • You are unhappy with your final grade.
  • You need a higher GPA to meet scholarship or other GPA requirements.
  • If you are appealing a grade that was assigned as a result of academic misconduct, you should follow procedures outlined in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Grievance Policy.

Steps to pursue a grade appeal:

  1. First, talk to your instructor (within 30 days of final grade posting)
  2. If still unresolved, submit written appeal with supporting documentation to assistant dean in 117 Stauffer-Flint or at jadvising@ku.edu. (within 60 days of final grade posting)
  3. Instructor will have an opportunity to provide information related to this case.
  4. Journalism judiciary committee will review and provide a recommendation within 30 days.

The full grade appeal policy may be found here.

School of Journalism and Mass Communications Academic Misconduct Policy Guidelines

Academic integrity requires the honest performance of academic responsibilities by students. Academic responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the preparation of assignments, reports and term papers, the taking of examinations, internships, capstone courses, experiential learning opportunities and a sincere and conscientious effort by students to abide by the policies set forth by instructors.

Any subversion or compromise of academic integrity thus constitutes academic misconduct. The Student Academic Misconduct Policy defines a uniform approach to acts of academic misconduct involving students in courses offered by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Time Limits for Degree Completion

Students are encouraged to complete the undergraduate degree in four years or less. Students experiencing a break in enrollment may return within five years of the last class they attended as an enrolled undergraduate journalism student and complete their coursework under the requirements in place at the time they left. They must maintain continuous enrollment to finish their coursework after they re-enroll.

If it has been longer than five years, students may be readmitted under the current degree requirements in place when they return. Petitions for exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by the assistant dean and associate dean.

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