Patrick Philpott

Patrick Philpott is a sophomore majoring in journalism with an emphasis strategic communications. He was born in Malaysia and is from Ireland, but says his hometown is Chicago. At KU, Patrick is the president and founder of the KU Car Club. Within its first two semesters, the club has grown to over 60 members and has obtained a sponsorship from the Chancellor himself.

In high school, his school newspaper had not been operational for 50 years. He and a few other students went to English teacher Mr. Scott and asked, why isn’t there a journalism class? Mr. Scott looked into it and got it back into the schedule. The journalism class was like a newsroom to get experience, not like a typical classroom. He knew when he graduated that he wanted to continue with it.

Several things Patrick enjoys in his life comes from his dad. Patrick’s dad was a 3-time champion in Rally Cross, which is a combination of road racing and dirt racing. If his dad can do it then he knows he can do it.

Patrick is a first generation Irish man here to live in the United States. He was born in Malaysia and has lived in Hong Kong, London and Asia along with traveling across other countries and continents. Experiencing different cultures has played into who he is and his world culture. It allows him to have a different perspective than others who have grown up in the same town as their parents. Many people don’t consider travel essential, but Patrick says it’s a new perspective on his world views.

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