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Bachelor of Science - Strategic Communication



The strategic communication track prepares students for careers in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and integrated marketing communications. Students develop core skills in writing, editing, storytelling and design throughout their freshman and sophomore years. In upper-level classes, students further develop skills in areas more focused on strategic communications, such as message development, research methods in strategic communications and strategic campaigns. The idea is to help students understand the fundamental skills of journalism, while specializing in more strategic communication based courses. 

A journalism degree in strategic communication opens the doors to any number of different careers. The following list is just small sample of the jobs recent School of Journalism graduates have landed: 

  • Account manager
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing and public relations director
  • Associate digital media specialist
  • Account executive
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Strategic planning coordinator
  • Business segment analyst
  • Media strategist
  • Merchandising specialist
  • Advertising and analytics coordinator

Hands-on experience

Students pursuing the strategic communication track can get hands-on experience right away.  Visit the student opportunities page to learn more about how you can get involved in student organizations and media. 

The Agency gives students the opportunity to create real ad campaigns and branding, messaging and marketing solutions for professional clients.

The University Daily Kansan offers a wide range of positions including, sales reps, business managers, digital media managers, photographers and designers.

Media Crossroads is an interactive, multimedia center where anyone can learn about broadcasting and video production.

Explore careers, internships & jobs

The Journalism Career Center helps J-School students explore their career options and find internships and jobs. The J-School is ready to help you at any stage in your college career—whether you're just beginning to explore the possibilities or you're ready to enter the job market. Schedule an appointment today!