Media Crossroads

Media Crossroads is an interactive, multimedia center of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications where anyone can learn about broadcasting and video production. Students can learn in front of or behind the camera and community members or other campus organizations may use Media Crossroads for their own projects.

Media Crossroads opened in fall 2012 as a hub of creativity for those interested in TV or video production. Programming started with "Good Morning KU," which is modeled after "Good Morning America." Since "Good Morning KU" made it debut in 2012, Media Crossroads has added more than a dozen more programs, including "Good Evening KU," "Triple OT," and "Greek TV." Each show is the brainchild of students who bring their ideas and commitment to Director Cal Butcher.

"Media Crossroads is a place where beginners can jump in right away and find a way to tell a story," Butcher said. "Over 100 students are in and out in a week. It's a classroom, a place for them to learn."

In 2015, Media Crossroads added new live-shot technology, which allows KU to connect its experts with media outlets anywhere in the world. If a news organization wants to interview a KU professor live, Crossroads can set up and the professor can do the interview on campus at the Crossroads studio. "The resources of the J-School and Media Crossroads are here to support anything that promotes KU and the expertise of our faculty," Butcher says.

After spending two years working out of a studio located in Anschutz Library, Media Crossroads has returned to Stauffer-Flint Hall and is now located in a newly-constructed studio on the main floor.


Who can join Media Crossroads?
Media Crossroads isn't just for journalism students! Anyone with an idea and the ambition, willingness and drive to turn that dream into a reality is welcome, even if you you don't have prior experience with TV or video. Students also may use the facility's services for class projects, even if they don't have prior experience.
What kind of things will I learn at Media Crossroads?
Anything that has to happen for a television show to air or video production to be created. Every job that someone has to do in front of or behind the camera, you can learn to do.
How and where can I watch the shows?
All programs are live-streamed at and
How do I find out more about Media Crossroads?
Email Director Cal Butcher at or stop by and check out the studio on the main floor of Stauffer-Flint Hall.

Media Crossroads on YouTube

Watch the newest episode of "Good Evening KU" below and see more on the Media Crossroads YouTube Channel.

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How to Watch

All programs are live-streamed at or the Media Crossroads YouTube Channel. Programming is only available during the fall and spring semesters.

Watch on Channels 31 and 2-1 on both KU's cable system and WOW Cable. On YouTube, watch recordings on the Media Crossroads YouTube Channel.