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March of Dimes intern (Kansas City)

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 13:35 -- Steven J Rottinghaus
Part time

Internship will be tailored to the students' needs
• Align as much as is possible with the student's course curriculum
• Student will be assigned a specific mentor who will train, encourage and direct interns work
• Each internship will be personalized ahead of time to determine what task intern will perform/what responsibilities will be

• Length of internship will be no less than one semester of class according to the student's school schedule
• Minimum of 10 hours a week is required, if students can commit to additional hours those hours must not conflict with student's ability to complete class assignments, lab work and sufficient study.
• Student will have a set schedule which can be altered due to Foundation's and student's needs. i.e. — time off for holidays and spring break for student - addtional hours on day of fundraising events for Foundation.

• During the course of the internship the student will receive verbal feedback on the quality of the work they perform.
• At the end of the internship student will receive a formal written evaluation of work performed
• At the end of the internship student will receive a letter stating the hours of work the student has completed
• The student will have the opportunity to fill out and submit an evaluation of the March of Dimes internship program

Scope of work
Duties may include but are not limited to:
• Creating weekly reports for distribution to key committee members for Nurse of the Year
• Dealing with inquiries that come in via email and post
• Writing letters and/or emails to thank supporters for their donations using our database
• Redacting applications through the March of Dimes Reviewr system
• Identify ways of raising funds and to take action to help secure this funding by contacting companies on the telephone or through email
• Internet research
• Helping to organize fundraising events Nurse of the Year, Bikers for Babies and Signature Chefs Auction
• Working as part of a team

Interns pursuing any major are welcome to intern at The March of Dimes. The majority of the interns through come from the nursing, public health, nonprofit management, sociology and communication fields.

Submit resume to Pam Kelley, development manager/special events, at PKelley@marchofdimes.org