MS/JD Journalism/Law Joint Degree

Joint Degree Requirements:

Journalism Requirements:
 All candidates for the M.S. in Journalism must complete the required courses for their path of focus. 

School of Law Requirements:
 All candidates for the J.D. degree must complete the following required courses:

First-Year: LAW 804: Civil Procedure (4), LAW 809: Contracts (4), LAW 814: Criminal Law (4), LAW 806: Introduction to Constitutional Law (4), LAW 820: Lawyering Skills I (2), LAW 821: Lawyering Skills II (3), LAW 826: Property (4), LAW 831: Torts I (4)

Upper-Class: LAW 873: Commercial Law: Secured Transactions (3) or LAW 874: Commercial Law: Payment Systems (3), LAW 908: Evidence (3), LAW 972: Professional Responsibility (2)

Students must complete all required first-year courses (29 credit hours) during their first year of Law School enrollment. In addition to these course requirements, the School of Law has an upper-class writing requirement, a professional skills requirement, a minimum grade point average requirement, and a time limit for completion of the degree. Please refer to the current School of Law catalog for details.

In addition to the 37 hours of coursework (described above) required of all law students, students in the joint M.S./J.D. program must complete the following coursework:

Any four of the following courses: LAW 888: Copyright Law and Digital Works (3), LAW 951: Digital Privacy Rights in an Open Society (3), LAW 968: Intellectual Property (3-4), LAW 958: Media and the First Amendment (3), LAW 959: Media Law Clinic (3), LAW 994: Special Topics (when offered for at least three credits on a topic related to media, law and technology)* (3)

One of the following courses: LAW 893 - Topics in the Law of Cyberspace (2-3), LAW 894 - Externship Clinic (when completed for at least three credits with a government agency or nonprofit or public international organization related to media, law and technology)* (3), LAW 924 - Independent Research (written work on a topic related to media, law and technology* for at least two credits) (2), LAW 937 and/or 940: Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy (written work on a topic related to media, law and technology* for at least two credits) (2), LAW 950 - Law Review (written work on a topic related to media, law and technology for at least two credits)* (2), LAW 955 - Legislative Clinic (2.5-3), LAW 976 - Public Policy Clinic (3)

One or more of the following courses for a total of at least two credits: LAW 851 - Contracts III (2-3), LAW 867 - Law and the Arts (3), LAW 916 - The State and Religion (2-3), LAW 926 - Insurance (2.5-3), LAW 946 - Law and Literature (2.5-3), LAW 953 - Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (1), LAW 957 - Sports Law (2-3), LAW 964 - National/International Moot Court Competitions (competition on the First Amendment or other media-related subject)* (1-2), LAW 971 - Product Liability (2.5-3), LAW 977 - Patent Law (2.5-4), LAW 991 - Torts II (2-2.5), LAW 922 - Introduction to Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (1), LAW 984 - Research Workshop (on a media, law and technology topic)*(2-3)

Two of the following courses: LAW 842 - State Constitutional Law (2-3), LAW 850 - Administrative Law (2.5-3), LAW 886 - Civil Rights Actions (2-3), LAW 887 - Constitutional Topics (3), LAW 891 - Elections and Campaign Finance (3), LAW 910 - Federal Courts and the Federal System (2.5-3), LAW 943 - Law and Economics (2.5-3), LAW 933 - Judicial Clerkship Clinic (3), LAW 954 - Legislation (2.5-3), LAW 956 - Local Government Law (2.5-3), LAW 984 - Research Workshop (on a topic of interest to media and related to government and public policy)* (2-3)

* Enrollment for credit toward the joint degree is subject to approval by the director of the Media, Law and Technology Certificate Program at the School of Law.

The Academic Committee shall have the authority to make changes or substitutions to this list upon showing of changed circumstances, such as changes in the fundamental nature of a course or the discontinuance of a course.

In addition to the coursework described above, students in the joint M.S./J.D. program may count 9 credit hours of master’s journalism courses toward their J.D. degree. Students may choose courses to complete the remaining hours necessary to reach the total of 81 hours of Law School credit needed for the joint degree from any part of the Law School curriculum.

Typical M.S./J.D. Program Format:


Law School

Journalism School


First Year




Second Year




Third Year




Fourth Year




Total Credit Earned




Law Credit Allowed




Journalism Credit Allowed




Total Credit Required




The policies of the two Schools (Journalism and Law) and the University of Kansas Graduate School govern waivers, substitutions and all other degree requirements. Students should consult the respective associate deans if they have questions about degree requirements.

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