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Graduate Program FAQ

How long will it take to graduate?

If you take six credit hours per semester, it will take two years to graduate.

Can I take more than one class per semester?

That’s up to you and your work schedule, as well as other obligations. Most Marketing Communications students take two courses per semester. 

FYI: Classes in the summer run for eight weeks, and some fall and spring courses are eight weeks. 

Who will help me with my course plan?

Dr. Matt Tidwell, the Assistant Dean and IMC Program Director. He will help you determine how this course of study can best accomplish your educational and professional goals. He also can provide information about course scheduling and about your capstone project.

Jammie Johnson is the Graduate Academic Advisor. She serves all graduate students as the “technical” adviser: what counts, hours left to complete, courses needed, etc. She is available by phone and email and she visits the KUEC campus several times a year for student appointments. Jammie also advises students on the admission and enrollment processes, progress toward degree, curriculum and graduation requirements, and on submitting the thesis/project.

Can I attend classes full-time?

Most students attend part-time. A full-time enrollment for graduate students is nine credit hours, which, for most working professionals, is not an option.

Tell me about the faculty.

Faculty members of the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications teach all classes. This faculty is known for its dedication to teaching, for its focus on professional accomplishment and for its pioneering work in curriculum development to prepare students for multimedia workplaces.

Who is teaching which class?

The teaching schedule changes each semester. You can see faculty assignments at the time enrollment begins. The online timetable is usually posted the week of fall break in October and spring break in March. The School typically offers two to four classes each semester at KUEC currently. The summer schedule is posted in March

FYI: Certain graduate classes have limited enrollment. We strongly encourage you to enroll as soon as enrollment begins to secure your choice of class or section.

What do I get out of the graduate degree in Marketing Communications?

Marketing Communications serves media, corporate and nonprofit professionals who plan careers in media, marketing (including digital marketing) and management. It combines the specialties of mass communications, marketing and management. In addition, it offers students specific skill sets: writing, financial acumen and technology.

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Graduate Admission Questions?

Admission questions may be directed to our graduate academic advisor, Jammie Johnson (785-864-7649), or our associate dean of graduate studies, Matt Tidwell (913-897-8416).

Also refer to the Graduate Handbook.

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