Experimental Research Media Lab

The Experimental Research Media Lab (E.R.M.L.) is a research facility geared towards conducting psychophysiology and observational experimental research of participants' exposure to mediated messages. The lab features a BIOPAC MP-150 data acquisition system currently set up for ECG, EMG (2-channels) and GSR recording; data is processed and analyzed using IcqKnowledge software from BIOPAC. Stimulus delivery uses MediaLab and Direct RT software. Proprietary software (Dr. Mugur Geana) is available for the development and administration of online experiments (survey-based software with media embedding capabilities) and for conducting stand alone, one-dimensional, live evaluations of media messages (portability for field studies).

General research areas:

  1. Mood and emotional responses to media - message development studies and message testing using psychophysiology measurements (surface EMG of facial expressions - hedonic valence, electro dermal activity, ECG - physiological arousal)
  2. Emotional and physiological responses to brand identification
  3. Emotional and physiological responses to environmental variables affecting recognition, perception and understanding of media messages
  4. Attention to mediated messages (secondary task reaction time studies)

E.R.M.L. can set up and conduct any type of experiment involving self-reported measures to media exposure (standardized or non-standardized) that needs to be computer administered, including one-dimensional live recording of such measures.

E.R.M.L. is available to all faculty and students interested in collaborating in conducting experimental research on exposure to media messages (areas of interest: health communication, advertising and public relations, broadcast and political communications etc.). We can also provide facilities for testing messages for campaign development and/or usability studies for Web applications.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact Dr. Mugur Geana.

Mugur V. Geana, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication, Experimental Research Media Lab, William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, 312 Stauffer-Flint Hall, 1435 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045, Tel: (785) 864-7692.

Recent Studies:

  1. Dark vs. Light: Environment Illumination Influence on Startle Reflex Amplitude Measured During Manipulation of the Affective State Using Pleasant and Unpleasant Picture Presentations

Results presented at the 2008 AEJMC Conference

  1. All colors welcomed! Influence of gender and race on short exposure image appeal of higher education advertising materials

Results presented at the II Congress of the Americas, Mexico City, 2008


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